What are you looking forward to in 2018? As you begin a new calendar year, I know you have new goals, new vision and new ideas to implement in your ministry. To help you thrive in 2018, I have complied a list of 10 things you must do in Quarter 1 to start the year off right.


  • Dream big.

What would it look like if you received a transformational gift? What program could you expand or create? How many more lives would be impacted as a result?  How much do you need to make this dream a reality?


  • Find low hanging fruit.

Take time to this month to scrub your database. Do you have lapsed donors that need to be reengaged? Do you have donors who have capacity to make a major gift in 2018? Develop a donor care plan to effectively nurture and care for your donors. Start with those who already know your mission and love you!


  • Find new donors.

If you’ve been in ministry leadership for any amount of time you understand the importance of connecting with new folks to help you fuel the mission. That’s why we produced a series of three super-practical videos to help you connect with more partners in the days ahead.

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  • Schedule a one on one meeting with your Board members.

When was the last time you spoke to your Board members outside of the last meeting? Invite them to lunch or coffee. Take advantage of their individual expertise to glean wisdom. Empower them to share your ministry story in the community and engage in fundraising.


  • Develop your 2017 Annual Report.

An annual report can help you demonstrate your accomplishments to current and future donors, cultivate new partnerships and give recognition to important people. The council of nonprofits has some ideas and examples for you to follow to create a compelling report.


  • Review policies and procedures.

Your organization is always evolving. If your policies have been in place for a while, it’s time to review and update. Do you have important nonprofit policies in place such as a gift acceptance policy, whistleblower policy, conflict of interest, confidentiality? Is your employee handbook current and reflect HR laws in your state? Do you have the appropriate contracts in place with contractors and employees?


  • Schedule your 2018 Board retreat.

Be determined to make this year efficient and effective. This starts at the top. A Board retreat can reenergize your Board, provide a time to review Board roles and responsibilities, conduct strategic planning and build unity.


  • Update your Guidestar Profile.

Yes, this really does matter! GuideStar is an internationally trusted resource when it comes to nonprofit donations. When donors want to give, they will investigate organizations on GuideStar. Make sure you meet donors there with an impressive profile. Keep your financial information squeaky clean and up to date, and make sure your organization’s contact information is correct.


  • Track and share your data.

Are you tracking program success measures? What system do you have in place for evaluating your success? Are you sharing this data with your volunteers and donors?


  • Engage with a coach.

Coaches help you identify and focus on what is important. They help you identify gaps between where you are now and where you want to be. At Ministry Ventures we have a proven coaching program that gives you the opportunity to work ON your ministry, not just IN it.


In 2017, we coached over 400 leaders – leaders just like you!  We are now accepting reservations for our virtual group coaching program. We have two groups forming now for end of January and February.

With your dedicated coach and peers, you’ll work through topics like: 

  • Developing a comprehensive fundraising strategy that works all year long, even when you’re not doing the big event.
  • Mastering a clear and compelling ministry plan that engages your community and donors.
  • How a high capacity ministry board functions properly and works together as a team to accomplish mission critical outcomes.

The rate is $149 per month for 12 months. If you enroll before January 11, you can receive our early bird rate of $125 per month.

*We guarantee you will raise $10,000 or more in new donors as a result of this program or we will give you 100% of your money back!


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Emily Fitchpatrick

Director of Client Services & Coach
Empowering Ministry Leaders to Go Further, Faster!