If you’re on the board of a ministry or non-profit, you’re doing a great thing.

Although there should be an incredible unity of purpose, you bring a diverse perspective to the gift. Let’s face it – all board members are not the same. You’ve got different experiences, relationships and gifts.

But that’s a good thing!

In a recent Guidestar post, Kay Sprinkel Grace of Emerson and Church wrote of three distinct roles every board should have. Here they are.

  • Ambassador

    —Ambassadors are cheerleaders that tell the ministry story effectively. If you’re not comfortable telling the story, you probably shouldn’t be on the board. But for some of you, this is definitely a sweet spot. Whether it’s over coffee, at lunch meetings or in front of special guests at private events, Ambassadors love to communicate the mission and vision.

  • Advocates

    —These board members are great at answering objections or getting quicker results just based on their wealth of knowledge. You can recruit other board members, help push through a key initiative or provide guidance through a tricky situation. If you’re skilled in this way, you can be a huge help to your organization during a time of great need.

  • Askers

—Some people just have the gift of asking. And if this is you, your organization really needs your help. Whether it’s writing letters, going with someone to a face-to-face meeting, making phone calls or meeting donors, you’re needed. If you’re an asker, consider accompanying someone in your organization to donor meetings. Going by twos can make the appointment much more effective.

So, are you an Ambassador, Advocate or an Asker?

Let your organization know your skills and leverage your unique gifts for the greater good.

Grow In Your Board Leadership

Is your ministry attracting the type of leadership to your board of directors that is needed? Don’t worry, if the answer is unfavorable it doesn’t have to stay that way. We’ve coached hundreds of leaders and seen tremendous growth in those who are eager and willing to apply proven principles of board leadership.

We offer an affordable and flexible online coaching program for ministry leaders wanting to grow in this area. We’ll provide the tools and insights to help you attract proven leaders to serve on the board of directors.

Our online ministry leader coaching is also helpful as leadership development content for your current and future board members. They’ll hear from real board members about how to grow to be a passionate and engaged advocate for the ministry.

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