One of my favorite authors is Donald Miller.

In one of his books he has a lot to say about stories. He thinks we’re all telling a story with our lives. He wonders what kind of story his life would be if it was made into a movie. He says that if his greatest aspiration was to get a new Volvo it wouldn’t be a story worth telling or a movie worth watching. I agree.

Your organization is writing a story. And the truth is it’s probably a much better story than what we’d find at the theater this evening. I think the story your organization is writing can make an eternal difference in the lives of folks for whom Christ died.

Organizations like Refuge Coffee.

Clarkston, Georgia is home to thousands of refugees from around the world. Walking down the street is like taking a trip to fifty countries at the same time. What does sharing the love of Christ look like with these neighbors? How about helping them get a fresh start in a strange place. That’s where Refuge Coffee Co. enters the story.

What if you took a Starbucks, put wheels underneath and drove it around town to provide delicious refreshments to thirsty people? This is how Refuge Coffee is getting started. A woman named Kitti had a vision to train refugees to work in a new kind of coffee business. But it’s really not about the coffee, it’s about the people for whom Christ died. This is a story worth getting in on.

Enter Chris and his wife. They have been blessed with resources and, along with some others, decided to help Kitti lift this vision off the ground. Look what they’ve done together:


People are getting both a fresh cup and a fresh start. What a way to love people into the kingdom!

Refuge Coffee is one of many clients we are privileged to partner with to bring about sustainability for greater impact in the days to come.

Clients like Lifeline Children’s Services:

“Ministry Ventures takes high level, effective developmental and organizational training and delivers it to ministries at a fraction of the cost. MV has helped our team with practical needs and separated us from our day to day activities so that we don’t miss the ever important implementation step. It has challenged Lifeline to be better and more effective communicators of our vision.”

– Herbie Newell/Executive Director

Working behind the scenes for those on the front lines,

Joshua Randolph  Joshua Randolph

  Ministry Ventures

P.S. We’re so grateful to those who support the work of Ministry Ventures. We all need partners like Chris and his wife to join us in telling the story!

You can learn more about Lifeline and check out their annual report here.