Ministry Ventures Mission

The Mission

For major donors, ministries, and churches who want to steward their resources effectively, Ministry Ventures® delivers compelling teaching, coaching, application, and sharing of ministry best practices in a relational context. We accomplish this by creating relational environments that provide opportunities for change. We recognize that our expertise and experience is in coaching focused on faith-based nonprofit best practices such as prayer, ministry model, fundraising and board development. Our spirit is grounded in humility, not high mindedness. Our model is the attitude of Jesus so eloquently described in the second chapter of Philippians.

Our goal is to help ministry leaders work smart ON their ministry while working hard IN their ministry. Our team of seasoned coaches prepares and positions Christ-centered ministries for growth and helps them maximize the impact of their ministry regionally, nationally, and globally while providing them with proven strategies that sustain success. Our objective for each enterprise is organizational efficiency and effectiveness. We also believe stewardship of time and resources is paramount for the ministry leader. Our desire is to enhance what is already being done well by coaching the ministry leader.

The Need

Ministries are nonprofits. Because of their not-for-profit business model, it can be convenient to ignore and even hide inefficiencies and poor stewardship.

Christian ministries face challenges including part-time leadership, poor funding, underdeveloped ministry models, non-existent business plans, amateur boards of directors, challenges with time management, and lack of leadership training. These obstacles often cause them to abort plans or marginalize their ability to follow through with their perceived call to serve the kingdom.

Furthermore, ministry leaders, like most people, need teaching, encouragement, accountability, tools, and a process to be effective in their ministries. Preparation is essential for long-term service to populations in need: the inner-city poor, children with cancer, adults with addictions, and all others. Not doing this homework is presuming on the Lord. Planning and preparation show trust in God’s call and willingness to commit to it.

The Solution

Ministry Ventures is an intentional coaching organization focused on ministry best practices that create relationships, coach stewardship, and model leadership to growing ministries. Building strong ministry foundations by teaching, coaching, applying, and sharing best practices is the reason Ministry Ventures exists; our passion is to see every ministry fully resourced. Our first goal is to model best practices in our own culture and programs. Our second goal is to transfer what we are learning to trusted leaders who will do the same by providing environments that mature these leaders in ministry best practices. Sound familiar? As Paul says in 2 Timothy 2:22, “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.”