Aimee Minnich tells the story of visiting a Christian business leader who was supporting missionaries who kept asking for money but never seemed to get traction.

These missionaries had a great heart and a good mission. But they never reached the point of sustainability.

Eventually, the business donor, who felt like his contributions were seeing very little results declared, “I’m done with this ‘losing money for Jesus’ idea.” (here’s the link to the full article)

I wonder how many ministries are asking their donors to “lose money for Jesus.


I hope you have a lot of passion for your cause, but passion alone isn’t a plan.

It’s a great thing to optimistically hope for the best, but hope isn’t a good strategy.

You can have a deep sense of calling but without a good plan, you’ll go out of business. That’s why one of the first things we do is help ministry leaders create a solid ministry plan. Think of it like a business plan for your ministry.

Donors like the Christian business leader Aimee talked about want to put their money into causes that work, not just causes that matter.

We would love to help you create a solid ministry plan, fundraising plan, and board development plan.

Find out more about how we can help you through this process with our Virtual Group Coaching or by becoming a Ministry Ventures Next member.


Jon Bennett
President & CEO
Ministry Ventures