The best reason to fundraise in the Summer is that almost no one else is.

Yes, it is harder to get in touch with people.

Yes, they are spending money and time differently in the Summer.

Yes, life is busy (let’s be honest life is always busy).

The simple fact is that very few ministry leaders have the discipline to do the work in the Summer …but if you do, it will pay off!

If cash is slow in the Summer, what can you do?

Start by praying. Ask God to fill your mind with people that he wants you to approach and ask Him to soften their hearts.

Next, reach out to the people God puts on your mind. Be willing to work twice as hard as usual on getting appointments. Studies have shown that the most effective way of engaging a donor is a face-to-face meeting. Let’s get real, people can easily look past your e-mail or letters, but it is much harder to ignore a prayed up leader who is passionate about their God-given mission that is sitting across a table.

Rehearse your ask so that you can be fully present in the conversation. Spend most of the time caring for and encouraging them. At the beginning of the meeting do a time check to confirm how much time you both have, but be ready to share your ministry story and appeal in ten minutes.

Imagine a scenario where you walked into a meeting with a donor able to completely focus on them because you were ready…and when the time was right to invite them into investing in your ministry, you felt confident to do so. It’s possible! If you can’t tell your story and make a compelling appeal in ten minutes with complete confidence Ministry Ventures coaching can help you to turn these opportunities into windfalls and help you move from hesitancy and dread to excitement and anticipation.

Lastly, make a list of 40 people to pursue this summer. If you work hard and stay persistent, you will probably get a face-to-face meeting with 20 of them. It would not shock me if 10 of the people you meet with gave. What would ten new donors mean to your mission this Summer?

You can do this!

Join me in making the Summer primetime for fundraising!

Your friend in Ministry, Mike

Mike Flink, Executive Director


PS, for some of your givers that give annually, consider asking them if they would move their support to the Summer. You can mention that the Summer is often a slow season for your funding and that their gift will mean a lot in the Summer months. Many times these donors are happy to do it. Just don’t ask on a week’s notice. Try to plan ahead!

PPS, for extra credit try a Summer match. Ask a ministry champion if they would be willing to match the funding you raise over the Summer. This will give you more confidence as you pursue donors and allow you to accelerate your ask. Matches are magnets for new donors!