If you’ve been through MV training, you’ve heard us talk about the fact that your ministry can only rise to the level of your Board.  We also talk about the balancing act of leading a ministry and working with a Board.  This is more often than not the biggest pain point for ministry leaders.

As a former Executive Director, I’ve worked with Boards that were simply incredible!  They loved our ministry passionately and generously. They respected my role and the staff who worked so hard and showed it in lovely ways. They made courageous and faith-filled decisions to move the ministry into kingdom work we never dreamed we could do.  They made me so very proud to be working with such an extraordinary group of people!

On the flip side, other Board members I’ve worked with were just incredibly awful.  They didn’t trust my leadership or our staff, they micro-managed, or never cared enough to even know what was happening.  They made me cry over my dinners and dread the following days.

You might know what I’m talking about?

If you find yourself entering this new year with tension or conflicts within your Board, you are not alone.

A few months ago, we caught up with Dan Lewis from The River Foundation & CEO of Next To Lead to get his advice on how to resolve Board disagreements effectively. He has some encouraging tips to share.

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Cindy McDaniel, MV Coach