Virtual Group Coaching

The joy of collaboration and growth along with the convenience of online learning. Virtual Group Coaching is both convenient and impactful. You and a group of ministry leaders will walk through our best practice based Ministry Mastery coaching content while enjoying virtual group sessions along the way.

What did Valerie, Executive Director of a Tennessee Pregnancy Resource Center, do with a 600% increase in funds raised after taking Ministry Ventures Coaching?


“In February of 2014, I stepped into the Executive Director role at the Pregnancy Resource Center. It was a calling that I could no longer ignore. Being right where God wants you can be intimidating or even overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. That is when I stumbled upon Ministry Ventures coaching program. Going through the process to be Ministry Ventures certified was not only a confidence builder in the role that I had been called for, but also a faith journey. Knowing your story and being able to tell that better has helped us cast our vision to our community in big ways. Applying what I’ve learned with Ministry Ventures has helped us cross off large goals for our ministry in just 2 short years. We’ve paid off our mortgage, fundraised and purchased a fully funded mobile medical unit to serve surrounding communities, and increased our year end giving by 600% just to name a few. We are excited to see what the Lord has in store next!”– Valerie 


A paid off mortgage and a fully funded mobile medical unit…WOW! Valerie worked the program, implemented our steps and more babies are saved as a result. We have coached hundreds of pregnancy resource center leaders with great success. 


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