We all know people are inundated with messages hundreds of times a day. 

Commercials, offers, emails. It’s hard to get AND message through.  And if you do manage to get someone to pause long enough to pay attention, you can bet there is something else right around the corner ready to pull them away.

That’s why it is so important to be able to tell your ministry story quick.

You may have just a few seconds to connect, so don’t waste that valuable time with chit-chat.

Get right to the heart of the matter with this simple, three-step formula.


You know how [problem]. 

Well, what we do is [solution].

In fact, [proof].


You could do this in 8-seconds. Or while riding in an elevator or waiting for an Uber.

It’s clear, concise and compelling.


Here’s an example from a recovery ministry. 

You know how so many addiction recovery programs have such low success rates even after a person finishes the program?  Well our ministry is a long-term regeneration program. In fact, we’re seeing 70% success rate of graduation and sobriety.


And here’s an example from a food pantry.

Did you know 33% of children in Marion county go to bed hungry every night?  Well, we provide food for those children AND their parents.  In fact, we gave out 250 meals just last week.


So what about you?

If you had 8 seconds to tell your ministry story using this formula, what would you say?


Michael Lukaszewsk, MV Marketing Strategist

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