Eric Johnson is a consultant with McLauchlin Group Consulting and today we continue our conversation with him on ministry leadership approaches that lead to authentic engagement and wild success. Last week Eric laid out the frame work for his “Climate Control” leadership model and began to discuss how utilizing the ministry’s stakeholders effectively is the best way to reach the ministries goals. Eric finds that every ministry needs to have twelve key stakeholders and out of those there need to be three critical stakeholders that bring in the other nine.

Authentic engagement is necessary for each stakeholder. Eric shares how important it is to listen to the stakeholder. Even if you find out that a stakeholder is not going to be on board with the direction of the ministry, it is better to find out that early and determine how else you can utilize them. The next step is to look for opportunities for organic alignment. This is when the leader needs to be able to own the people process, gathering the key stakeholders together, not for a presentation but a working session for collaboration.

The ministry leader needs to use facilitated discussions to get their stakeholders to begin dreaming and help define what success for the ministry is. But before moving to far into discussing the solution, the ministry leader also needs to work through the relevant context of the ministry with the stakeholders. Knowing all the angles will be critical before any solutions can be determined, otherwise the hard work of working through a solution will be waisted if something blind sides the plan.

Gaining the trust of your key stakeholders is more important than getting your ideas and plans approved. If your stakeholders come up with something different, it will be better to flawlessly execute their plan, than to try and force them to go along with your plan. Going with their plan will increase their trust in you and in all honesty it’s usually always the better plan. Every individual has blind spots that the stakeholders will be able to account for.

Hopefully this interview will encourage you to better utilize your stakeholders to create wild success for your ministry.

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