Today we talk to Eric Johnson, Managing Partner at McLauchlin Group Consulting. Eric has a diverse background including stints in marketing, finance and ministry. After starting his career in the business world he went on staff with Young Life but eventually returned to the marketplace. Eric shares with us experiences through these transitions and lessons learned working with large organizations, including SunTrust Bank and InterContinental Hotels Group. Now Eric uses everything he’s learned to help teams within client organizations reach truly aspirational results.

Eric outlines the leadership styles that have dominated the marketplace in the past and currently. The trend has shifted from Command-and-Control to what he refers to as a Control-and-Control leadership style. Neither of these leadership styles inspire engagement or broad ownership of ideas, strategies or plans within the organization and won’t produce aspirational outcomes.

Eric describes for us an altogether different leadership model. He calls it the Climate Control leadership approach where the leader cultivates an environment of authentic engagement and organic alignment among key stakeholders resulting in wild success. Leaders who focus on Climate Control own the ‘people process’ instead of the project solution or implementation plans. Eric shares how this model can be adopted by ministry leaders using a simple framework that focuses on three critical activities.

Look for the second part of this interview next week.

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