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Growing organizations require growing leaders, but how do you find the time and where do you look? Join a Ministry Ventures Virtual Coaching Group and get access to a highly-trained coach, a proven growth process, and a community of leaders who understand what you do in a format that fits your demanding schedule.

We're taking reservations for our next Virtual Group starting January 29, 2019.  Space is limited.
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2019 Virtual Groups - REGISTRATION STATUS: Open - our next group starts January 29, 2019.

The Same Coaching We've Delivered to Hundreds of Ministries... Delivered to You Online

Every day, our team at Ministry Ventures helps ministries and non-profits go further, faster. For the past 15 years, we’ve coached thousands of ministry leaders all over the country with our proven approach to growing effective organizations.

Leaders have gathered in places like Atlanta, Ft, Lauderdale, Birmingham and Colorado, and the feedback has been amazing. They have learned how to create a ministry plan that inspires action, implement a funding plan that results in more resources and build a board full of people committed to the cause.

Now, our proven group coaching is available to ministry leaders everywhere.

It’s the same practical content taught by the same highly-trained coaches, all delivered online. That means no matter where you live, you can participate and your ministry can benefit.

You can turn your cause into a compelling ministry story that inspires real action. You can use practical funding tools to create passionate donors for your cause. You can have Board members who will become your greatest allies and advisors.

How Does Virtual Group Coaching Work?

You’ll meet online (7 monthly sessions) with your dedicated coach and other group members throughout the process.

We’ll collaborate around best practices of ministry leadership and develop practical strategies around fundraising, board development, strategic planning and more.

In addition, you’ll have full access to our library of videos and resources so you can come back time and time again.

What Topics Will We Cover?

Our Virtual Coaching Group gives you the opportunity to work ON your ministry, not just IN it. With your virtual coach and coaching group, you’ll work through seven topics:

[+] You First: Develop a personal growth plan that supports your life.

[+] Clarity is Key: Staying in your lane, having a clear vision, and knowing what a win looks like is vital to a sustainable ministry.

[+] Measure What Matters: One page of focused words will help you raise more money and recruit better board members.

[+] Normal People Can Raise Money: The way we approach fundraising with strategy and accountability can make or break your ministry.

[+] Relationships First, Money Second: Developing a donor-centric organization allows you to focus on your donors and increase retention.

[+] Your Board is Your Megaphone: The quality of your organization will not rise above the quality of your board.

[+] New People Brings New Perspectives: Rotation is a healthy and natural way to prevent stagnation and gives the board opportunities for renewal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will our group start?

Each group has a dedicated coach and is limited to 15 leaders. Our next class is filling up now. We’ll get you everything you need after you sign up.

2. Can I recruit other leaders to join me?

Yes! Collaboration with like minded leaders is part of the magic. If you have leaders in your network that you’d like to have join you we’ll make sure to place you in the same group. Just have them reserve a spot.

3. How much will it cost?

The cost to participate in a Virtual Group is $1,800 and there are three options for payment.  You can pay the entire amount up front (save $200) or choose one of the monthly payment plan options.

Some donors love to invest in capacity building. We encourage you to share the opportunity and allow them to invest in the ministry in a strategic fashion.