Do you ever find yourself beginning to think of other ministries as competitors?  Do you ever wish that some of “those ministries” donors would get disillusioned and come over to your side?  Do you ever secretly wish another ministry would fail? 

I get it! Ministry leaders are passionate about their mission. They fight for it. They storm the gates of hell to see it succeed. Competition in ministry is a very real issue. It can be extremely unhealthy. On the flip side, it can be a really good thing! It all depends on where it is formed. 


Unhealthy competition forms out of the sin of envy.

  • Envy sees another’s success and wishes it was failure.
  • Envy sees another ministries gifts and thinks those gifts should be mine.  
  • Envy alienates because every struggle is an “us against them” (and an isolated ministry leader is not in a place to grow).


Healthy competition forms out of seeing God’s abundance.

 If we truly believe that God is our provider, then…

  • We will not view others as our competition.
  • We will rejoice when other ministries flourish.
  • We will cry with them during difficult times.
  • We will learn from one another and grow together.


Competition in ministry can be either good or bad… it depends on what forms in the heart of the leader. Ultimately, we work to build God’s Kingdom, not “our” kingdom.  Remember, those in the community are watching. Donors appreciate ministries who work together. Collaboration is is a life-giving practice.

Philippians 2:3-4: Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.


Kevin Yoder, Certified MV Coach

Kevin enjoys helping organizations increase their capacity in fulfilling their mission. He loves strategic planning and developing the systems and tools needed to accomplish the mission. He currently serves at Rivertown Community Church (RCC) as Multi-site Ministry Systems Pastor. In this role, he develops and supports ministry environments for the campuses of RCC by developing strategy and effective systems. RCC is a multi-site church with campuses in the rural panhandle of Florida. Prior to being a pastor at RCC, Kevin served 12 years as principal of a Christian school and as a consultant for Christian school curriculum.

Kevin has served on several nonprofit boards and helped to launch a nonprofit. He is now RCC’s liaison to support local ministries. He is passionate about networking those ministries to work together and about helping them accomplish their mission in the most effective way.

Kevin lives in the panhandle of Florida and loves spending time with his family and especially his wife Lisa. Lisa has led on church staff and now serves in Family Ministry at RCC. Their three children are all in college — Gordon is a graduate student at University of Florida, and Heather and Kristi are both at Chipola college.


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