Have you ever considered that experience can get in the way?

In my previous post I shared a powerful question that stirs the soul to dream big:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

If you’re like me, the moment the answer begins to bubble to the surface objections try to snatch it up. Sometime these objections come from our experiences.

Maybe you’ve had a failed attempt in the past and this memory steals hope of overcoming in the future. Maybe you’ve seen others succeed and thought there’s no room for you in the winner’s circle. (Am I the only one?) Both concessions are lethal to attempting great things.

I recently spoke with a leader who decided she wouldn’t let either of these stop her from attempting something of great risk. She decided to ask a man for a million dollars on behalf of her ministry. Can you imagine the audacity?  Who does she think she is and does she really think her ministry is worthy of such an investment?

I guess she didn’t wait around for an answer to these questions. She was too busy answering the first one.

So what about you? Are you letting experience get in the way of attempting something great? Maybe you’re in the middle of that attempt and it’s harder than you thought. Hang in there. This short video has some inspiring examples of attempters who refused to give up!


Attempters Who Refused to Give  Up

Partnering with Attempters,

Josh Randolph
Director of Operations
Ministry Ventures

P.S. Remember the leader who asked a man for a million dollars…he said “Yes!”


Are You Attempting Great Things?

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