You Were Made for Much More Joy Than That

Rich and powerful as he was, he could only remember fourteen days in his entire life that could be characterized by joy.

He had everything, yet only two weeks of contentedness. Hard to believe…or is it?

The man was an ancient Eastern ruler who, near the end of his life, looked back to number his joyful days and ended up needing only two hands and one foot to tally the sum.

As I thought about this story, I was struck by the contrast of another man our team recently spoke with. He’s not rich and powerful, nor is he a ruler, but when I heard his story I couldn’t help but notice how much joy he seemed to have.

His name is Brian Kluth, and we recently interviewed him on his favorite topics: generosity and gratitude. Brian has a way of counting his blessings that seems to fuel his joy-tank on a regular basis. You’ll hear more about this in the interview, but I wonder if generosity and gratitude were the missing ingredients in a life with only fourteen days of joy?

As Kingdom leaders there will be times of testing that may tempt us toward despair, especially when we’re not sure from where or when the resources will show up. Even still, doing what Brian has learned to do may help us pass those tests with flying colors by looking away from the need and up towards the Provider again and again.

Let’s not settle for fourteen days. You were made for much more joy than that. Get your joy-tank filled to the brim! Generosity and gratitude are essential to the mix, and Brian speaks with sage-like wisdom to both of these. I know you’ll be blessed and inspired!

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Keep up the great work,

Jon for the Ministry Ventures Team