It’s November and the time of year we all focus on saying thank you to our ministry partners. 


We can’t operate our programs without our donors, board members and volunteers, but how can we express sincere gratitude without it sounding trite?  How can our appreciation be expressed in a unique way?



1.  Do A Heart Check—If I am honest, am I reaching out to say thank you because it’s November and it is expected?  Is this just another “have to” that is piled on my plate?  Or do I have rhythms in place which allow me to STOP and consider more deeply the tremendous privilege I have to be in the Kingdom, to receive God’s love, and to be in community with people that are changing the world?  If not, then before I am in a state to express appreciation to others, I must be kind to myself.  Take a day of reflection alone with God where I can be filled first and feel celebrated by God before I can thank and celebrate others.



2.  Be Fully Present—No matter what type of “Thank You” you are considering, make sure you are all there.   If you are meeting personally with people, give them your undivided attention, phones turned off, naming what unique aspect they bring to your ministry team.  Your  people will feel loved, acknowledged and seen. If you are writing a hand written note, keep in mind this old fashioned way of expressing thank you is still one of the most effective!   You can be sure that your message WILL get read and it will be very memorable  and special.  And your words will likely be re-read over and over as that thank you card sits on their desk.  Include a scripture or meaningful quote.  Use your pen to pastor and care for your donors, board members and volunteers.



3.  Be Specific—In your thanks, let people know how they specifically have helped move your ministry to a new level of impact because of their heart, expertise and dollars.  Be specific in their input, but also be specific in what their energies have accomplished.  Use current stories and numbers.  Celebrate milestones with them.  Make them feel that without them, a certain Bob or Susie or Joe simply would not have been reached.


Your friend in ministry,


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Beth Bennett, Director of Coaching

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