Success is More than a Check

The Christian leader must focus on nurturing each person through personal interaction and correspondence, caring more about spiritual preparation than the giving.” – Scot Rodin

Jim Wise is passionate about helping evangelical ministry leaders avoid the pitfalls of fundraising. As a financial adviser with Ronald Blue Trust, Jim has sat across the table from high capacity donors for over 30 years. He knows what encourages them towards generosity and what turns them off.

To help both his clients and the ministries they help fuel, Jim has been sharing contrasting models of donor development and their outcomes with fundraisers across the country. The following is a brief overview of these two fundraising models taken directly from a presentation he did in partnership with Ministry Ventures.

The Financial Model

The first of these, the Financial Model, focuses on the gift rather than the giver. Success is determined only by the amount of money raised. In this model the giver’s relationship to the ministry is viewed in a transactional manner. The key question is: “What can they provide for our benefit?”

The Discipleship Model

The Discipleship Model, on the other hand, places the focus on the donor’s life and walk with Christ. This model emphasizes partnership and works to connect the vision of the organization with the heart of the donor.

While both may be effective in securing donations to the organization, the Discipleship Model produces long-term spiritual health in the donor and the ministry. The key question becomes: “What can I provide for their benefit?”



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