Fundraising is tough! You probably didn’t wake up this morning with a compelling desire to rush out and ask strangers for money.

So if you don’t like to do it, make sure you cut your board members a little slack, too. You need their help, but they are in a tough spot.

Listen, I hope your board helps you raise millions for the cause. But your job as the leader is to help them engage at some level…to help them leverage their relationships, network and influence for the greater good.

In a recent Guidestar post, Kay Sprinkel Grace, founder of Transforming Philanthropy, LLC., encouraged the ‘AAA’ approach with board member roles. She says each board member is one of the A’s.

  • Ambassador

Ambassadors are cheerleaders that tell the ministry story effectively. Each board member should embody this trait at some level, or they shouldn’t be on your board!  However, there are some on your board where this is their sweet spot.  These people love people and their relational skills can be leveraged with activities such as connection lunches, dinners and events.

  • Advocates

—These people have expertise in certain areas and can be used to answer objections and get quicker results just based on their wealth of knowledge.  For example, they go with the executive director to meetings that involve the government.  Advocates also can be called on to recruit other board members.

  • Askers

Some board members are unashamed askers and would love to take some of this off of your plate!  Just give them the tools they need and they will make phone calls, write letters, or go with you (or go alone) to meet a donor face-to-face.  We have found that going by 2’s to an appointment can be much more effective, especially if the executive director is new to asking for money.

So, do you have any Ambassadors, Advocates or Askers on your board?

As their leader, why not ask them to embrace one of these board member roles this week?

Read more about Ambassadors, Advocates or Askers in Kay Sprinkel Grace’s book The AAA Way to Fund Raising Success; Maximum Involvement, Maximum Results. Get the book through her publisher here


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