From Misery to Ministry

Jon Bennett, President of Ministry Ventures, speaks to those in ministry about overcoming the three biggest fundraising hurdles on their path towards a fully funded ministry in his recent ebook titled Fundraising – From Misery to Ministry. Here’s a preview from chapter 1:

“I was finishing up my undergraduate degree in communications at Michigan State University in the spring of 1985 when I faced one of the toughest decisions of my life: What was God calling me to do next?

The more I prayed and wrestled with that question, the more convinced I became that the Lord was calling me to work full time in campus ministry right there at Michigan State University.

I remember the great joy that sensing God’s direction for my life brought, yet it wasn’t long before my elation began to be replaced by a gnawing anxiety over what that calling might entail.

You see my “ministry calling” didn’t exactly come with a substantial starting salary. Actually, it came with no salary at all! I was going to have to raise 100% of my personal support to fund my ministry.

Honestly, I had no real idea what it meant to raise a financial support team. My only experience had come a year earlier when I raised $700 to go on my first summer mission trip. But, I was part of a team who raised funds together, and with some donations from friends and family the money came in quickly and easily.

Now I had to develop my own “full time” partnership team, and I felt totally out of my league.”

After much frustration, Jon was coached by experienced ministry leaders in how to invite individuals to partner with him financially to support the ministry he felt called to. In his ebook, Jon shares the key principles he learned that led to being fully-funded. Download Jon’s ebook below and be encouraged and inspired in your own journey to being Fully-Funded!

 Fundraising – Misery to Ministry Introduction by Jon Bennett