What if you could simplify the process of generosity for your givers?

In this excerpt from the Accelerate Giving Conference, Bill Williams, CEO of the National Christian Foundation, shares simple ways the National Christian Foundation makes generosity easier for your givers. Whether you give a lot or a little, have multiple ministries in your portfolio or just one, there are great tools and strategies available to make this process smoother and more strategic. Enjoy!


Board Member & Ministry Leader Resources from NCF

Instead of writing checks directly to charities or dealing with the complexities of a private foundation, you can experience a simpler, smarter way to support your favorite causes and multiply your impact. It’s called the Giving Fund from NCF.

If you’re like most people, almost all of your wealth is tied up in your assets like stocks, business interests, or real estate, while only a fraction is in cash. And yet, all your giving is coming from that tiny piece of the pie. What if you stopped writing checks and started giving from your wealth instead?

NCF givers log in to their Funds online to recommend grants to charities like yours. And now you can show them your mission, activities, stories, photos, and more, instead of just your basic contact information.