Year-End Fundraising Coaching

Our Year-End Fundraising Coaching provides a proven step-by-step process to guide your ministry towards a successful year-end campaign. Get this on-demand coaching for $299.

MV Next

Coaching from those who have been there. A proven plan that takes you forward. And a community of leaders who understand what you do. Get MV Next for your team for only $39/mo.

Virtual Group Coaching – Forming New Groups Now

The joy of collaboration and growth along with the convenience of online learning. Virtual Group Coaching is both convenient and impactful. You and a group of ministry leaders will walk through our best practice based Ministry Mastery coaching content while enjoying virtual group sessions along the way.

Executive Group Coaching

We’ve seen time and time again that leaders grow better together. This exciting offering brings together faith-based executive directors and leadership for face time as you journey through the Ministry Mastery coaching content. It’s transformative, encouraging, and relational every step of the way.

Premium Coaching

If you like one-on-one laser focused interaction based on your individual needs, Premium Coaching is right up your alley. You’ll get a custom tailored experience with your personal coach as you collaborate around the Five Best Practices of ministry leadership and develop practical strategies around fundraising, board development, strategic planning and more.