There are now over two million apps.

We thought we’d skim a few of the most helpful off the top and let faith-based nonprofit leaders like you put them to good use.

Without further ado, here are some helpful apps for ministry leaders:

App 1: Grammarly


  • Although it’s not an app in the true sense of the term, we feel it’s so important for ministry leaders to send error-free communication that we added this to the top of the list. Don’t write without it!

App 2: Zoom Teleconference


  • Distance doesn’t have to keep you from face-time. Video conferences, screen sharing, and online meetings made easy. Great for long-distance donor care, board meetings, and team check-ins. The free version allows you to have 45-minute meetings with up to 50 people. If you need longer you might consider the paid version.

App 3: Wunderlist


  • This free to-do list app is the cleanest and simplest we’ve found (thanks to Kim from Flood Student Ministries for the lead!). You can manage and add tasks for team members to help make sure everyone is on track. There’s also an option to set up recurring tasks on a weekly/monthly basis.

App 4: Scannable by Evernote


  • If you’re still saving paper receipts to submit for your expense reports this app is going to make your life easier. It also works great for capturing handwritten notes that you won’t ever file but you don’t want to lose. Just snap a pic of your hardcopy document or receipt and it immediately digitizes and converts to a PDF or JPG that you can share or save in multiple ways, including directly to your Evernote account.

App 5: Evernote


  • Think notebooks and notes…in the cloud. Remember dragging around multiple notebooks in high-school and college for each subject? Evernote is your online backpack that allows you to create notebooks and individual notes that you can access from all your connected devices.

What are your favorite apps? Please share using the comment thread below.