He said the process was painful at first, but the payoff has been worth it.


Recently, a ministry leader named Chris went through our virtual group coaching experience and worked on the one-page ministry overview.

In fact, the ministry overview has helped him raise an additional $45,000 for the ministry.


Chris asked a board member and another leader to help create the document. He ended up leaning on them heavily during the process.

In addition to mission, vision, and values, our ministry overview dives into specific needs and opportunities. Two of the big needs were $30,000 to pay off an mortgage and $15,000 for a new van to transport kids. They included these details in the last section of the ministry overview.

As the small team continued to work through the details, working to clarify the vision and communicate the needs, these two people stepped in and offered to meet the needs directly.

Chris attributes their involvement, not just in the ministry, but in the creation of the ministry overview, as a crucial catalyst to their donations.

“People are more interested in the dream if they are involved in creating it,” Chris said. “Rather than present it to them as a done deal and ask for their support, they were involved the entire way.”

There are two huge lessons you can learn from Chris and the process of creating a ministry overview:

  1. Putting the mission, vision and needs into a short and simple document can bring a tremendous amount of clarity to your ministry. Creating a ministry overview isn’t busy work. It’s crafting and honing a message, preparing you for future conversations and positioning your ministry in a way that’s ready to be supported.
  2. Involve others in the process and they will be more committed to the outcome. Sure, you can create documents and attach them to emails, but the buy-in will be weak. When people are invested in the process, they are far more likely to contribute on the back end. If you’d like help creating your ministry overview, take a look at our virtual coaching program. It’s the same program Chris and the team at The Bridge are going through now.

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