One of the biggest reasons you were invited to serve on the board is because someone thought you could leverage your influence.

  • You know people.
  • You have connections.
  • You can leverage resources.

These are things your organization needs.

Reviewing financial reports is great, but that’s not going to advance the cause.   An idea here and there might be helpful, but it’s not going to be enough.

Your organization needs access to your network of relationships.

Your organization needs your thoughts and ideas in order to move forward.

Your organization needs you to help them move forward, not just review reports and rehash what happened.

If you know a business owner with considerable relationships, set up a meeting and pitch the need.

If you know a design firm that could do work or a marketing opportunity that would be a good fit, make it happen.

If you only think about the organization on the way to the board meeting, you’re not going to add much value.  But if you strategically leverage your relationships and contacts for the greater good, you will be a considerable blessing.

5 Questions to Help You Leverage Your Influence

What relationships can I leverage?

Who do I know that should become a financial supporter?

What companies offer products or services that could help us?

What email introductions can I make this week?

Who is one key player that could move our mission forward in a big way?