Todd Loves Helping Youth Go Global.

How do you help young people get a vision for how God might use them in the world? Todd thinks the best way is for them to experience a taste first hand.

Todd Buechter is co-leader of a large youth missions program at his church in Atlanta. In this interview you’ll hear how God lead him into  his current calling and how his church is leading large groups of teenagers on mission every year. From fundraising to conflict resolution, no stone is left unturned by Todd and his team. Whether you’re thinking about starting a youth mission program at your church or you’ve been leading trips for years, we think you’ll be encouraged and gain practical wisdom for your journey.




  • 1:19 – Introduction

  • 7:25 – How things changed after leading his first youth mission trip

  • 10:47 – A year in review

  • 16:55 – Planning for the next year

  • 21:20 – Making the announcement

  • 24:05 – An explanation of family groups and fundraising opportunities

  • 30:59 – The January retreat

  • 41:00 – Group fundraising

  • 51:00 – What keeps Todd going when things get tough

Photo by The City of Toronto https://www.flickr.com/photos/cityoftoronto/