An Inside Look at the How and Why of Blogging as Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Want to know how to write blog articles for your ministry? Great idea…but first let’s look at the ‘Why’ behind this approach.

First you must establish the goals. As a non-profit coaching and training organization, we’ll share our goals as a case study.

Goals of Blog Articles at Ministry Ventures:

  • To produce helpful content that our target audience (faith based non-profit ministry leaders, staff and board members) will benefit from
  • To position Ministry Ventures as a thought leader in this arena
  • To provide credibility and spark interest in our coaching and training programs
  • To inform our target audience about our services
  • To invite them to take a next step of engagement with our organization (like learning more about how we help ministry leaders grow)

These goals have to be intertwined in the articles in such a way as to not be pushy but still be present. This make sense?

When you have a piece of content (audio or video) as a basis for your written blog article you should ask the question, “What give away, program or other piece of helpful content would be a natural next step to this specific topic?” Whatever ‘it’ is we want to make the process easy and inviting for them to take that next step.

Blogging is a way to inform our audience of what we do in an engaging manner.

How do we know if we’re doing a good job? 

After interacting with our content our readers should have clarity around the programming and services we offer.

Our online virtual coaching program and in-person Executive Group coaching are at the heart of what we offer at Ministry Ventures.  Somehow we eventually want to invite them to give it a try. There may be more steps for some than others to arrive at this goal, but the offer is there in case the desire is present. 

Why are we so focused on getting them to engage? 

Because we truly believe that they’ll be better off having engaged with our program than without. This must be the foundation of the process.

So how do we start?  

We start with one piece of helpful content (article, video or interview) that asks them to share their email address with us in order to get something else more valuable.

As a case study, check out one of our most helpful articles that we use as a ‘lead capture’. It’s on the topic of Ministry Model which is one of our Five Best Practices:

Notice we’re answering an important question that ministry leaders need to be informed on and then inviting them to download a resource directly connected to that question. 

To learn more about crafting engaging and strategic articles I suggest the book Platform by Michael Hyatt. It’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide to the process.

Now, if we could only do all this with a typewriter on the beach!

Joshua Randolph  Joshua Randolph

  Ministry Ventures

P.S. This article focused more on the goals of content production. Without clarifying these you should not begin. More on the ‘How’ soon.

Your Turn

For practice, review the article linked above and make some observations about how it connects to the goals I first mentioned. What would be some good goals for your ministry to consider in this area?