Kevin Harris is the executive director of Radical Mentoring, a discipleship ministry based in Atlanta that provides discipleship resources for free. In this episode of the podcast, Kevin shares the story of Radical Mentoring and how his own life was changed in the early years of the ministry.

Radical Mentoring started out at Regi Campbell’s dinner table in 2001. After feeling like there had to be a better way to invest in the lives of younger men, Regi saw that his dining room table could seat ten people, so he decided to mentor nine men for one year. Regi shared with them his own story and together they focused on building each other up and developed a strong community.

The next year, Kevin was invited to join by a friend. Kevin was not looking for spiritual growth at the time but viewed the experience as a way to network with peers. However, as they continued to meet, Regi shared his story and his authentic passion and desire to pour into these men and Kevin couldn’t resist the spiritual growth that was expected of him. Through loving, kind but extremely honest guidance, Regi helped Kevin rethink what his relationship with God was meant to look like.

After that year of mentoring, Kevin stayed close to Regi. Regi eventually called Kevin to join him in his vision to provide the resources he had developed to others. Radical Mentoring now provides resources to anyone who is ready to invest in others and start their own mentoring group, all for free.

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