Jim Wise, Managing Director and Principal for Ronald Blue Trust, recently conducted a one-of-a-kind training on the topic of Inheritance from a Biblical Perspective. It’s ready for you now.

Get ready for a deeper understanding of the following:

  • The unprecedented transfer of wealth during your lifetime and the portion of these resources held by evangelical Christians.

  • Four key biblical principles that address inheritance and wealth transfer, and how the typical Christian’s estate plan violates one or more of these principles.

  • How donors can allocate a significant portion of these resources to charitable giving, both during their lifetime and at death.

  • The potential consequences of ministry leaders and financial professionals failing to incorporate these biblical inheritance principles into the counsel given to Christian donors and clients.

  • The spiritual and missional benefits of having this type of discussion with ministry partners and helping them to cultivate a greater vision for advancing the cause of Christ through giving generously.