Jon Bennett, a thirty year veteran in ministry, works with some of the fastest growing and most dynamic churches and ministries in America. Driven by experience and passion, Jon works with ministry leaders to release their potential and fulfill their God-given vision. Jon is a natural coach. His skills are accompanied by an energy and creativity that draws teams together.

Through solutions-based strategic planning, Jon has effectively equipped ministries across the nation and around the world with the tools needed to grow to the next-level. Jon has a rich background of ministry leadership. He has had firsthand experience raising millions of dollars to fund missions’ projects, church plants, building campaigns and campus outreaches. He draws from his experience as a lead pastor of a successful church plant, along with this tenure as a senior staff member at an 8,500-member church and as an associate pastor of a church in the northeast. Jon has also served as a Church leadership consultant for the past ten years, helping ministry leaders establish strategies for growth and generosity.

Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Michigan State University and a master’s degree from Reformed Theological Seminary. Jon and his wife Beth have three children and make their home in North Metro Atlanta.