In our increasingly antagonistic cultural environment, few natural bridges exist for Christians to share the Gospel with their non-Christian neighbors in a manner that is not met with skepticism, or worse – estrangement. A key component to a transformative Gospel relationship is trust.

Anyone who has ever played sports at any level knows that off-the-field relationships are built on the camaraderie and trust developed through athletic competition. Similar relationships are even built on the sidelines cheering for a common team. Steve Quatro, Executive Director of Sports Outreach L.A. (SOLA), knows this well. He’s been involved in Sports Ministry for decades and teaches classes in Sports Ministry at Azusa Pacific University.

The mission of SOLA is to “empower churches in Southern California to employ sports to build relationships of trust, in order to share the Good News.” Started by Quatro in 1992, SOLA helps local churches use major sporting events and recreational outreach programs as opportunities to develop the foundational relationships necessary to better ensure a positive reception of the Gospel.

As of 2016, SOLA’s Sport’s Leadership Development Program (SOLD) had partnered with 42 churches. They project that this number will increase to 100 in 2018, and their long-term goal is 500 church partners. The ministry is currently seeking four part-time church sports leaders to further this vision.

They are also excited about the prospect of developing a youth golf program to supplement other sports activities. According to Quatro, “Golf would help a church reach families that are not being reached by the typical church sports camps (e.g., basketball, soccer, cheer).”

For more information or to partner with SOLA, visit their website.


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