Lewis Abbott is the Director of Ministry Services at the National Christian Foundation. He pastored a Church for nearly forty years then became the director of a missions organization for a few years before joining the NCF staff. Lewis has always been head of the curve and has seen some of the ideas he’s had become common practices in churches and ministries. Lewis shares his thoughts on ministry leadership in today’s interview.

Of first priority to Lewis is for ministry leaders to approach their relationship with board members strategically. Unless the meeting is understood as a friendly outing, the interaction between ministry leader and board member(s) needs to be clear and directed to best use the board member’s time. They give their time to the ministry for free so you need to use it wisely.

Also ministry leaders need to not be a “leach” to those who support their ministry. If you only desire the money from your donors or board of directors, you’ll never enrich their lives. You need to look at your relationship with them as a ministry in and of itself. Lewis shares a story of how he advised one missions organization leader to build the relationship with a potential donor for three years before ever receiving a gift which ended up being the biggest donation that organization had ever seen in it’s fifty years of ministry.

Lewis wants ministry leaders to look to the example of Christ and his leadership even when it is contrary to what is common in today’s society. Leaders need to surround themselves with people who will be able to contribute value to the ministry and not withhold their resources. They also need to be willing to challenge the leader and not just agree with everything the leader says.

Hopefully these insights into ministry leadership will help you and your ministry.

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