Developing An Engaged Board

Could your ministry benefit from a more engaged board supporting your cause? Join Cindy McDaniel, Boyd Bailey and Beth Bennett on a three-part journey of proven ministry leadership practices for faith-based non-profit leaders.

In part one of this series they’ll explore ways to facilitate increased engagement among your board members. Here are some of the topics they’ll cover in this interview:

  • Recruiting with roles in mind
  • Relational considerations for board chairs
  • Spiritual leadership among the board
  • Avoiding board fatigue
  • Recruiting made easy
  • Cultivating generosity among the board
  • Managing meetings efficiently
  • Attracting quality individuals to your board

We hope this discussion will stir up and encourage you in your leadership role.

The next video covers a foundational topic of ministry leadership; Fundraising. Be on the lookout for this helpful conversation in the days ahead.

Further, Faster!

– The Ministry Ventures Team