Communicating Your Ministry

Does your organization have a proven tool to communicate the vision and impact of your ministry? Is there a documented plan that is donor friendly? Join Cindy McDaniel, Boyd Bailey and Beth Bennett on a three-part journey of proven ministry leadership practices for faith-based non-profit leaders.

In part three of this series they’ll explore how clearly communicating your ministry’s goals brings clarity to your entire team and motivation to your donors. Here are some of the topics in this interview:

  • Getting your plan on paper
  • Monetizing the mission
  • Staffing impact on mission outcomes
  • Clarifying priorities and avoiding mission drift
  • Benefits of taking time to work on the ministry

We hope this discussion will stir up and encourage you in your leadership role.

Further, Faster!

– The Ministry Ventures Team

P.S. Cindy talks a lot about how the Ministry Overview was such a critical tool in communicating her ministry. This one page two-sided document serves as a ‘ministry resume’ and is the primary outcome of our Group Coaching Program. We take leaders through 45 modules to help craft a clear and concise overview of your entire ministry.