Getting the Word Out.

Your cause can accomplish a lot of good in one year. Annual reports are a great way to communicate with supporters and bring them up to date on the organization’s accomplishments. Annual reports can be used to effectively engage your supporters and re-energize them for your cause.

Laura Bishop, Executive Director of the South Florida National Christian Foundation, has a vision for their annual report to be a year-end review on the organization as a whole. Financials are certainly important to include, but there are other areas that provide supporters  important insights into your organization. Their annual report encompasses everything from stats, to photos, to stories of missional impact.

What Else Is There?

Annual reports are great places to include encouraging stories highlighting the organization’s mission and how well the it was executed the prior year. The report can outline growth and progress as a whole along with a financial report. Perhaps your ministry is tracking some Key Performance Indicators to help gauge the effectiveness of your programming. Stats on engagement, ministries impacted by their donors, and people involved in their flagship leadership development program, Lifework Leadership, are a few examples that NCF South Florida reports on.

Honesty is Definitely the Best Policy

For Laura and her team, being honest with themselves is crucial. After the annual report is produced and distributed, they invite supporters and other guests involved with the foundation to a special dinner and open up the floor for questions and conversation. This can be both a time of celebration for what God has done through the ministry along with a vision casting session for the upcoming year.

It’s never too early to begin thinking and preparing for your ministry’s annual report. It can be so much more than just numbers.

Go Deeper

Listen to the entire interview with Laura Bishop on the topic of communication.



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