Sherri Dodd of Advance Global Coaching used to have boring board meetings.


Not any more.


Sherri used to come to her board meetings with progress reports on what the ministry accomplished. It was a “look what Sherri and the staff have done” time with hopes that the board would nod in approval. In her efforts to impress the board members, she unknowingly alienated them from engagement in the ministry.


Now Sherri sees Board members as gifted individuals that help strategically guide and even dream with her. Each member has an agreed upon role. By the end of a meeting it is crystal clear how the members can help Advance Global Coaching execute their God sized vision.


What does Sherri do differently? She now spends a lot more time talking to her Board members outside the meeting. She is relationally invested in their lives, interested in their families, and knows their struggles and dreams. She wants to help them become the best Kingdom leaders and board members they can be. She views herself as a coach to them, drawing out their full potential and giftedness.


Quality leadership attracts quality leaders. One benefit of bringing engaging leadership to the board is that board members feel a willingness to introduce Sherri to their networks. She communicates that board members are more than just donors and seat-fillers, she helps them see that they are a vital part of the ministry.


Sherri is not intimidated by her Board anymore. She sends her ministry and financial reports in advance of the meetings. She creates engaging questions as part of her clear Board agenda for each meeting so members come prepared to contribute. Sherri welcomes their input, listening more and talking less in the meeting giving members ownership on strategic items. Follow Sherri’s lead and see what happens when you empower your board for effective leadership in the days to come.