Modern-day sex slavery is a blight upon our nation. Human trafficking, most commonly involving sexual exploitation, is currently the second largest organized criminal activity in the United States.

Yet amidst this sobering reality, a growing number of individuals and organizations are stepping up to say “enough is enough.” One such group, Present Age Ministries, exists in order to raise awareness and counsel survivors within the high-risk demographic of 12-18-year-old adolescent females. The ministry, based in Concord, North Carolina, seeks to “equip communities to identify at-risk teen girls through prevention and awareness education and to support survivors through holistic, individualized care.”

Founded in 2010, Present Age Ministries (PAMS) partners with schools, local and federal officials, and private individuals. Their educational prevention curriculum also serves teen girls in detention centers and boys and girls clubs. The care they provide for survivors of sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking includes physical, psychological, relational, and spiritual components.

Executive Director Hannah Arrowwood recently announced a new project to assist survivors: therapeutic home care for commercially sexually exploited youth. Historically, young women rescued from the sex trade would seek recovery in a group home or “safe home.” However, the operation of group homes is often expensive and inefficient.

According to Arrowood, “We have developed a supportive care model for a family unit (whether that family be biological or foster). We have partnered with a private foster/adoption agency to expand our capacity.”

She concluded, “We believe this will drastically increase our ability to support survivors as well as create a sense of normalcy and ability to transition into independence.”

For more information on Present Age Ministries, as well as ways to support their mission, visit their website.

The PAMS team

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