Keeping the Important Things In Perspective.

One of the foundational best practices we advocate for in our ministry coaching here at Ministry Ventures is that of prayer.

Prayer is the foundation that supports all of a ministry’s best practices. Without consistent prayer, we have no direction or hope. If we are not praying, how can we be sure that we are following God’s path? How can we face our challenges? How can we receive God’s provision?

Working on your ministry is exciting as well as time consuming. As much as you want to spend time in prayer, it’s almost never enough. This is why having an intentional and activated prayer strategy, with an engaged prayer team, is critical. Your ministry must be covered by prayer if it is to receive God’s provision and be protected from attack.

In our online coaching process we focus on helping the leader and his/her team create a culture of prayer from the top down. We feel this can help the ministry gain greater insights and direction from the Lord to operate in His will. That relates to taking your key decision to Him for His direction, asking Him what to do in any and all significant situations requiring decisions, for strategy ideas, staffing decisions, financial actions and much more. The more we take our questions and options to Him for His direction, the more aligned our ministry will be with His will. There’s no better place to be then in the center of His will.

So if you’re frustrated, underfunded, struggling, undecided, stuck, or whatever, taking your needs to Him and then pausing to listen for His direction will lead you to a more effective ministry, that is better funded, more effectively governed and much more fulfilling. After all, isn’t that what the Lord wants for His ministry?