I get asked a lot about raising support to hire more staff. Sometimes the support will go towards hiring an administrative assistant, sometimes a development director and other times it is for a programs director or general staff member. I’m often told that raising support for “salaries” or “operations” is really hard. I couldn’t agree more. Who wants to pay for YOU to have an assistant when in many cases they themselves are feeling overwhelmed at work and would love to have their own assistant.

The paradigm is completely wrong. Fundraising is never about the position you are trying to fill – it is ALWAYS about the impact you are having and will have in the future. People won’t be inspired to pay for salary, but they will be inspired to pay for impact. That is why it is so important to monetize your mission and connect their giving to impact – not to expenses. If you can’t express the difference your next hire will have on your organization’s impact, you probably aren’t ready to fill the position and you definitely aren’t ready to raise the money.

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Mike Flink, Executive Director