In today’s culture, Christian leaders are faced with the difficult challenge of reaching a changing society with the unchanging Gospel. While this is universally true, each specific culture faces its own difficulties. According to Carlos Hernández, “Pastors and Ministry Leaders in El Salvador are unsatisfied with the current model of Latin American church which tends to be self-centered and indifferent to society’s problems.”

Hernádez and his wife Raquel founded the El Salvador Center for Leadership Development (Cedelid) in 2002 to address these critical needs. The organization coaches church leaders and ministers in a number of ways: the Ministry Coaching Program trains pastors, the Leadership Institute takes ministry directors in local churches through a rigorous two-year training curriculum, and the Relevant Church Program seeks to acccount for the loss of social capital in churches by focusing on six ways to reach the current culture.

As of 2017, Celedid had trained 250 local pastors, established 15 leadership institutes, and trained four new leadership coaches. But Carlos Hernández is hopeful that the best is yet to come.

His 2018 vision includes training ten new leadership coaches “so that we can reproduce what we do among Salvadoran Pastors. We have been developing a training relationship with Christian leaders for the last 6-7 years.”

“As a result,” he said, “we serve over a hundred churches across the country and enjoy credibility.”

For more information on Celedid, or ways to support their mission, visit their website.

Carlos Hernández at work training Salvadoran church leaders

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