An Insider’s Perspective

How do your donors feel after interacting with you? Jim Wise, a financial adviser with Ronald Blue Trust, has sat across the table from generous givers for over 30 years. He hears what development directors don’t and has much wisdom to offer for those who will listen.

Jim has observed excellent development practices that leave his clients enriched spiritually and motivated to give substantially. He has also seen the opposite. Interactions that leave his clients depleted and feeling like an ATM machine for the Kingdom.

As one who cares deeply for the spiritual health of his clients and the advance of the Kingdom, Jim has made a habit of addressing this topic from a biblical perspective for the good of both causes. Having shared this donor development content with hundreds of ministry leaders across the country, Jim has partnered with Ministry Ventures to make it available on demand for ministry leaders who want to learn the secrets of donor development.

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Jim Wise-Donor Discipleship Preview