Does Your Ministry Need Help Creating a Culture of Prayer?

Culture may be defined as “the predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize the functioning of a group or organization” (American Heritage Dictionary). Your organization has its own culture. That culture includes your attitudes and practices regarding prayer. We all know that prayer should permeate every part of our ministries, but circumstances often keep us from making that ideal a reality.

It is also important to realize that you have multiple cultures within your general organizational culture. Your board, staff, database, and target audience all have their own cultures. To infuse prayer into your organizational culture, it will be necessary to communicate across those cultural lines.

Here are three ways to begin creating a culture of prayer in your ministry:

1. Practice Listening Prayer

We introduce the concept of Listening Prayer throughout our coaching process. All too often we pray and ask God for help and sometimes with a laundry list of requests. In recent years, Ministry Ventures has experienced the power of Listening Prayer and in particular embedding Listening Prayer in how our Board of Directors functions around this amazing prayer posture. The key to prayer is alignment with the Lord’s will and way for your ministry. Our objective in this posture is to help you understand the importance of establishing a culture of Listening Prayer, which will transform you and your ministry.

2. Form a Prayer Team

Your ministry prayer team can be vital to the spiritual culture of your organization. The prayer team provides continual prayer support for the ministry as a whole, but having a prayer team does not necessarily mean that the entire organization is infused with prayer.

3. Create a Spiritual Director Position on Your Board

Ministry Ventures has added the Board role of Spiritual Director, the description of which is included in our best practice of Board Development. This Board role leads the Executive Director in seeking the Lord for the Board meeting agenda, and then opens the Board meeting and leads the board to seek the Lord for key direction where He directs. This critical Board role description exemplifies the “alignment” principle of this Module.



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