Fundraising events have become a staple in many organizations. Your goal as a fundraiser is to make sure that you are maximizing your events to raise as much money as possible, without wasting valuable time and resources.

We have a few helpful tips and resources to set you up for success!


Before you start planning, it’s essential to clearly define an event’s objective. Raising money will likely be one of the desired results, but think further about why are you hosting this event.

Are you looking to…

  • Acquire new donors?
  • Engage and keep current donors?
  • Upgrade donors?
  • Engage mainly with major donors?
  • Foster community?
  • Some combination of the above?


Determining the event’s main purpose will help you choreograph all the details, including who you’ll want to invite and the programming. This will help you choose a theme and venue that will appeal to your target audience.


Be creative and have fun.

Here is a list from Fundly (fundraising platform) with 131 ideas.


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In this class, you’ll receive ideas, examples and coaching from real ministry leaders who are creating fundraising events that provide unique experiences and raise significant revenue.

We’ve divided this class into three sections – each contains their own video and set of resources.

  1. Before Your Event
  2. During Your Event
  3. After Your Event


After each video, you’ll find templates and samples related to that part of the event including: planning timeline, event schedule, gift triangle samples, sample master plan, pre and post event communication ideas, and more. This Master Class is a must have resource for any nonprofit leader seeking a winning strategy for event fundraising!


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