The Best Practice of Board of Directors

Five Things For Your 2017 Annual Ministry Calendar

The end of the year brings a new beginning and a great time to take a look at your annual ministry calendar. […]

Board Advocacy Should Look Like This

“Provide, Protect, Encourage, Extoll, Share With Others…That’s Advocacy.”  -Dr. Dan Lewis Watch as Dr. Dan Lewis, the executive director of the River Foundation […]

Free Resource – Non-Profit Board of Directors Responsibilities Checklist

Covering Your Non-Profit Board Responsibilities – Free Resource We’ve developed a free resource to help you gauge how your non-profit board of […]

Find the Right Fit for Your Board Members. Three Board Member Roles Every Ministry Needs.

Fundraising is tough! You probably didn’t wake up this morning with a compelling desire to rush out and ask strangers for money. […]

What is the Process for Nominating Regular Board Members and Officers?

Heather, a ministry leader from Kentucky, asked the following question: “What is the process for nominating regular board members and officers?” Our […]

Free Resource – Board Chair Role Description

Setting Clear Expectations Clear Board Role Descriptions should be the first step in developing an engaged board for your ministry. Ministry Ventures […]

Board of Directors Role – What Does a Board Chairman Do?

The Main Role of a Board Chairman The term chairman comes from parliamentary law where the individual running parliamentary sessions would sit […]

Five Questions to Help Board Members Leverage Their Influence

One of the biggest reasons you were invited to serve on the board is because someone thought you could leverage your influence. […]

Board of Directors for Faith Based Non-Profit Ministries – How Do They Begin?

How Boards Begin Boards typically begin when a founder of an organization decides that he or she would like to start a […]

Board Compliance – Five Questions Your Board Should Ask to Avoid Trouble

Self Examination vs. Outside Scrutiny The last thing a ministry leader needs is to be in the hot seat with the IRS. Here are […]