Last week we compared the current state of your board with the gears of an automobile.

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The natural next question is: How do I know what gear we’re in now?

Here are two suggestions for determining the current health of your board.

#1 Have each member confidentially pick one from the list below and submit their answer to a third party. Then tally the votes, plot all the scores, determine the average, and publish the results to the full board.

  • Park
  • Reverse
  • Neutral
  • Low
  • Drive
  • Overdrive


#2 Or, if you’re not into gears, use this simple survey. Have each member rate the following attributes on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest or best. Submit them a third party to tally the results.

  • What part did the board play in achieving the ministry’s goals this past year?
  • Are all board members prepared for meetings?
  • Do all board members contribute to meetings?
  • Do board members vote independently?
  • Do board members micromanage the organization (1) or act strategically (10)?
  • Is the board devoting time to board education or training?
  • Does the board regularly evaluate its performance?
  • Does the board evaluate the Chair’s performance annually?
  • Does the board evaluate the CEO’s performance annually?
  • What is the overall unity of the board?

The maximum score is 100. When all the results are in and averaged, use the school grading system to determine your current health. 91-100 = A; 81-90 = B; 71-80 = C; 61-70 = D; 60 and below = F

We’d love to hear your results!

Need additional help? At Ministry Ventures we have other board assessment tools available through our coaching programs. We also have several coaches who can consult with you personally on board issues. And they are experienced in leading board training and retreats if your board needs a tune-up.

Arnold Kimmons

Coach – Upstate South Carolina

MV Director of Operations and Finance

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