Heather, a ministry leader from Kentucky, asked the following question:

“What is the process for nominating regular board members and officers?”

Our own Cindy McDaniel had this to say in response:

For a quick reply, the important thing is to look at what kinds of talents and skills you need on your board in order to best serve your ministry. Do you need a lawyer,  doctor,  accountant, social worker etc…  You, as the executive director along with the other board members decide the priority.  Pray together (sounds obvious but often forgotten), asking God to bring the person to mind, and make them ready to say “yes!”.  We also recommend having a few of your current board members interview the candidate beforehand. The person who knows them best or has the most equity with them should approach the candidate to make the official invitation. It should be considered an honor and offered as such in a humble way.

Ideally your board will map candidates out at least two to three years in advance so you can be seeding candidates prior to the actual invitation.  I have had some board members who knew their invitation was coming for three years. Busy people need time to extract from other commitments in order to make a true commitment to your ministry.

There should be an annual meeting set aside for the purpose of considering and voting on new officers and board members. Of course, the best plan is for a rotation; board members serving a term of 2, 3 or 4 years and then rotating off. The benefits of this include:

  • Getting fresh ideas with new members
  • People knowing there is an end of their commitment so you can get those high level folks to serve.

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Cindy served as Executive Director of Assurance Pregnancy Care Center for almost 20 years and loves helping other leaders in her role as ministry coach with Ministry Ventures.