Where is Your Heart this Holy Week? 

Part 2 of 2

It was a hard week for Jesus and for His followers, that first Holy Week. Let’s look at a few of the responses of the heart surrounding Holy Week from the perspective of those closest to Him.

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Let Jesus meet you as you consider these scenes.

5. Believing Heart – Jesus has revealed Himself personally to me and I stand on that revelation despite what others say.

Mary’s believing heart is in stark contrast to the disciple’s unbelief that Jesus is alive. We are all at different stages of the journey and growth. Supporting each other, being patient with each other, challenging each other and learning from each other are key aspects of community that keeps our hearts strong.

6. Doubting Heart – I will not believe until I see Him.

Thomas felt like an outsider. He was not present when Jesus appeared to the other disciples. He could not get wrapped up in the exciting new faith journey of the others until He saw Jesus for himself. Christ lovingly responds to his doubting heart, and shows him his wounded hands and side. However, Jesus states there is even a more blessed life when we believe without seeing.

7. Slow of Heart to Burning Heart – I was unable to recognize Him in my circumstance at first.

The first response of the two on the road to Emmaus was “thickheaded”, but as Jesus walks with and unveils scripture, their hearts burn with fire and passion. (Luke 24:32). Never underestimate the power and change of perspective available to you when you let Jesus teach you.

8. Restored Heart – Take me back to my first love and show me how you accept me today, Jesus.

Jesus restored Peter’s wayward heart after breakfast by the sea. He did not leave Peter alone in condemnation after he messed up. Peter is broken and in a new place to receive the love and comfort of Jesus. The acceptance we receive from Jesus lays the foundation for a tremendously fruitful life!

Beth Bennett

Director of Coaching